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Why onTune


The reasons why many customers chose onTune

01Easy to useEASY

  • Easy installation
  • Intuitive UI
  • Simple operation using a simple mouse


  • Provide more than 182 performance indicator items
  • Collect detailed information in interval of seconds on server configuration information and performance (CPU/Memory/IO) data in various forms without user's definitions
  • Detailed system configuration information (Inventory information/OS parameter/Time synchronization information)


  • Provide powerful formal/informal report function
  • Controll over 2000 servers with a single Manager
  • Provide an easy monitoring/analysis environment for Physical/Virtual servers through single user viewer
  • Various event handling functions


  • Analysis of failure/performance issues
  • Performance comparison using time axis line function
  • Trend analysis through long-term data

Check Point 01

Centralized integrated monitoring

onTune provides real-time monitoring for up to 5000 servers composed of multiple manager servers through its own developed high availability function.

Check Point 02

Precise real-time monitoring displayed in every 2 seconds

onTune provides the most accurate and distortion-free system situation by the collection cycle of 2 seconds under any circumstances.

  • Performance
  • Process
  • Log
  • Filesystem
  • Ping
  • PortScan

Check Point 03

Optimal event detection and notification function

onTune provides optimal event detection and notification functions that enable stable operation by immediately recognizing and notifying system abnormalities occurring in complex data centers that use various virtualization solutions.

Check Point 04

Provides various report functions

onTune provides a variety of optimized report functions for creating various performance and failure reports that system operators had to spend much time to calculate system operation indicators.

  • Excel
  • Powerpoint

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