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IT technologies being refreshed every day are demanding more complex and more tasks with minimal staff. System Management Solutions should provide insights that enable you to manage your IT infrastructure easier, faster, and more intuitively with minimal resources.

Through onTune, a real-time monitoring solution that has been verified by customers for the past 10 years. TeemStone makes solutions that IT system managers analyze and manage the causes of problems that have occurred.


ProductTo create sustainable value by providing software with best quality to our customers.

MemberA company that values each member's happiness as its top priority.


TEEMSTONE's CI is in the form of a diamond,
It contains the meaning of creating a sustainable company that creates simple yet valuable software.

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  1. CEO

    • Sales

      Responsible for identifying customers' requirements, presenting the efficient proposal to meet them, and closing deals

    • Technical Support

      Responsible for Technical support, analysis of the problems arisen in customers' environment, quality improvement of the products, and planning of new product.

    • Development

      Responsible for Developing related technologies after analyzing the requirements of customers, partners and technical support teams, and continuous research & development of new technologies.

    • Design

      Responsible for designing product UX/UI to increase our company's brand value.

    • Quality Control

      Responsible for functional and performance quality verification of products, and resolving quality issues such as product performance measurement.

    • Partners

      9 domestic and overseas companies related with sales and technical support

      Korea USA Australia China Vietnam
  • USA Branch
  • Australia Branch
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Company Information

  • CompanyTeemStone Corp.
  • CEOAustin Lee
  • Biz AreaSystem Software Development
  • Address5A Hartnett Close Mulgrave Victoria Australia 3170
  • Email sales@teemstone.com