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Control of production facilities through IT SOLUTION


TeemStone provides Smart Factory monitoring using IT equipment. To prepare for the new industrial revolutions such as Industry 4.0, Smart Factory and etc, various expensive factory automation and monitoring solutions are emerging.
TeemStone has thought about it. It is where IT Server technology is used, so, can't we monitor it with our technology?
Teemstone has strong presence where IT server technology is in use, so it’s obvious to include our monitoring technology to the factory. TeemStone has completed the technology to minimize the defect rate of products in the production process and detect equipment errors in real time.

Development backgrounds of onFab

  • Low rate of utilization due to difficulty in management and use even with the acquisition of expensive production facility control system
  • Difficulty in flexible facility monitoring against changes in competition and produced products (high investment cost, long construction period)
  • Monitoring and control technology to reflect immediately the demands of the production facility team is required.
  • Professional Vender

    Accumulated operational
    experiences of users

    Specialized facilities

    • Application
    • Dedicated Protocol
    • PC-based controller
  • IT Solution

    Proven monitoring technology


    • Application
    • Standard Protocol
    • Computer
  • onFab

    • Log / Text / Image
    • Real-time data processing
    • IoT Device
    • Sensor device
    • Computer technology



Applied effect of onFab

  • Minimizing the period and cost of building basic infrastructure for managing IoT sensor data
  • Real-time control by utilizing wireless device
  • Maximizing operational efficiency by controlling large-scale facility data in real time
  • Minimization
    of period and cost
  • Real-time

    facility data
  • Field-oriented
    real-time control

Application examples of onFab

  • Secure various application cases according to the purpose of use
  • Failure management and control through integrated management of sensor data in production facilities
  • Monitoring and control of the quality management facilities
  • Product inspection judgment and control at the product inspection/shipment stage

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