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onTune VM

Provides integrated monitoring for the operation status of virtual machines such as VMware and Xen, the operation status of hypervisor, resource consumption, and system events.

  • An integrated environment that is easier and more convenient than a dedicated monitoring solution supported by virtualization vendors.
  • Instant and efficient resource distribution based on real-time performance information and resource utilization status.
  • VM status management and traceability enhancement in the entire virtualization environment. (filter, search function)

Why onTuneVM?

  1. 01Change of virtualization monitoring target

    Server Virtualization technology based on the independent operation (Isolation) of the system’s operating system and the separation of hardware resources (Partition) was led by server vender, according to the development of hardware technology, but optimized by the market of specialized virtualization software providers such as VMware and Xen.

  2. 02Increased complexity of work due to necessary but duplicate tools

    It is very difficult and complicated to use different monitoring tools depending on the virtualization environment in use, such as VMware and Xen.

onTune virtualization monitoring is provided as these.

  • The same Easy and concise UX/UI of onTune is used as is.
  • API developed specifically for targets such as VMware and Xen.
  • Providing specialized resource monitoring for each virtualization solution (Cluster, Resource Pool, Shared, Reserved, etc.)
  • Displaying the monitoring unit of virtualization solution usage such as CPU Clock (Mhz), Balloon Memory, and etc.
  • Providing the resource usage of Hypervisor and the actual resource usage of Guest O/S in the integrated screen.

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